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First Responder & Emergency Medical Personnel Firearms Safety Training

Scenario: While treating and transporting an unconscious, bleeding patient to an Emergency Trauma Center; you discover a firearm with the patient.  

Neither Police nor Hospital Security are present – What do you do?

Did you know that most State Protocols would declare the scene unsafe and prevent any further treatment until safe?

Could a delay in treatment compromise the patient’s health? How do you secure the firearm?

Providing firearms safety training to First Responders and Emergency Medical Personnel.

Learn how to safely move and secure a firearm until legally transferred to proper authorities. 







Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics and other First Responders can all benefit from a basic understanding of how to safely move, secure and transport a firearm, if necessary, until a Law Enforcement or Security Officer can take possession.

This is a non-shooting Certified NRA Course – (4 Hours)
Training may be conducted in any classroom or conference facility. No Live-Fire portion means no Range is necessary. can provide on-site training for your group at minimal cost. 

Contact John A Nicolai, EMT-T at 201.739.9183 or for Program Details



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